About Me ...

So who am I and why do I believe I can help you to make more money?

Well let’s start with a bit of info about me …

I’m fortyish with a wife, 2 kids, 2 dogs and a few goldfish. I live in a lovely old stone cottage in the heart of the Cotswolds. I enjoy a pint and a glass or three of wine. Weekends are spent coaching and shouting at my boy’s U-14’s side or driving the wife mad watching sport on my big screen.

Born in Lincoln, I’m still proud of my Northern roots and as a result I’m still very much a regular guy despite my career success and years of Cotswold life. When I left school I wanted to be an architect, I was always arty as a boy, but despite having a sack full of O-levels I got distracted at college and failed to get the A-level grades I needed for Unversity.

Instead of a career designing buildings, I fell in to a career in accounting. Not sure how that really happened, but by 23 I was a fully qualified Management Accountant and managing a small finance team for an Engineering company in Cheltenham.

4 years later I was promoted to Manufacturing Manager, and later Director with responsibility for over 100 employees. I managed the operation successfully for way too many years, growing capacity from just a small team to over $100 million per annum in shipments.

During those years, I got myself a Master’s Degree in Business & Administration (MBA) and boat loads of experience in managing change and getting the best out of people (well most of them). I also hold a much sought after Bronze qualification in Lean Manufacturing techniques.

Despite offers of positions in the USA and the Far East, I’m happy living in the UK. I’ve seen many parts of the world over the years, Africa, America, Europe and Asia, but so far I’ve not seen anywhere with more life balance, variety and even opportunity than this country.

Naturally introvert, I still wonder how I got where I am today. Managing people, making presentations, talking to Chief Executives … how did that happen? If the truth be known, I still don’t find it natural to speak to new people or pick up the phone (not great traits for a consultant I'll admit), but I do it despite the discomfort in order to achieve my ambitions and be successful.

So when you meet me, don’t expect your average consultant, I hate bullshit for starters! I’m just a normal guy who happens to know a thing or two about business. I genuinely like helping people and of course I like making money.

My interest in small business started some 15 years ago when I bought a restaurant with a friend, a chef surprisingly! Learning about marketing became a necessity. The restaurant did well and I doubled my money with that first venture, but ultimately it lacked real scaleability.

My next venture in to business came as a result of my brother’s interest in breeding dogs. We set up a kennels specifically for breeding and rearing racing greyhounds, a business not for the faint hearted. There's a lot to dislike about the greyhound industry, we looked after our dogs well, but the same can't be said for everyone in the game. I would not work in the industry again but was naive when I chose to support my kid brother. That said, we did very well for a number of years until the bottom fell out of the market due to an over supply of pups in Ireland. There were just too many dogs around and not enough demand. So we got out quickly at the right time, which is a lesson in itself.

But my real passion is Marketing.

It started when I became aware of online marketing around 10 years ago. I’ve spent £1000’s of pounds since then on marketing courses, both online and offline. I can't begin to tell you how much I have learnt from some of the top marketers in the world. Personally I’ve made thousands of pounds selling other people’s products online as an affiliate marketer, burning the midnight oil on many occasions in an effort to escape the Corporate Trap.

In recent years I've helped lots of small businesses with their online marketing, I've built web sites, ranked them in the search engines, ran advertising campaigns and designed their marketing materials. I've produced business plans that have transformed the businesses of friends and clients. But as my wife kept pointing out, I was making lots of money for other people, but very little if any for myself. Because marketing was not my primary income, I was simply doing to many favours and charging nowhere near enough! I guess initially, like many business owners, I just didn't have the confidence in my abilities to ask for more money! Well that was then, but now I'm not so shy!

That's why I've closed down my previous consultancy web site, Vantage Marketing Solutions and have focused on EliteClients instead. I know I can make a big impact on any small business and so I now charge accordingly. At the end of the day, in comparison to the rewards I earn my clients, the investment I ask them to make is small.

So folks, there you have it. I'm a genuine, regular guy who knows a thing or two about marketing and achieving business growth. I really hope you'll let me help you and your business, and look forward to meeting you. You can expect bigger profits but don't expect lots of small talk and bullshit, I'll leave that to other consultants!

I work with clients throughout the UK, but if you have a business in the Cheltenham and Gloucester area, give me a call and we can meet up for a coffee...

All the best ...