Consultancy Services, Personalised Plans & Joint Ventures

I specialise in helping small businesses and self employed individuals who are serious about wanting to make a lot more money in life, to do just that, make more money! I literally work only with clients who aspire to join the elite business owners in the UK.

Most owners make hard work out of running a business because you simply haven't had any training or experience in management or marketing, and you're so involved in the day to day running that you just don't have the time.

In the majority of cases I find that you adopt exactly the same tactics as your competitors: you offer the same services at the same or lower prices; you run similar ads in the same places and the list goes on. But why would you want to do this?

When you do the same things as your competition, you'll get similar results? If most small businesses struggle to grow, why on earth would you copy them?  Surely it makes sense to do things differently, doesn't it?

I help you to position your business for maximum profits and to find you all the clients you need to dramatically increase your sales. I also show you how to set up your business for sustained growth in the future, dependant on your aspirations, the structure of your business is very important but nearly always overlooked.

I will help you with your advertising, online presence and idea generation, and at the same time I'll teach you how to do all of these things for yourself in the future ...

You can have 100% confidence in the services I provide. I'm so confident that I'll deliver the results I promise, that I don't ask for payment until I've completed your work, and even then I only expect you to pay if you're convinced that you'll earn a lot more than my fee.

Quite simply, if for any reason you're not happy with the profits I deliver, you won't pay for my service. However, I know from experience that when you've used me once, you'll be keen to use me again and will be more than happy to pay my fees!

Usually I charge on a fixed fee basis, however, when I come across a high potential candidate I do on occasion work on a percentage basis, whereby instead of charging a fixed fee, I agree to take a percentage of any increase in sales generated for an agreed time period, ranging from two to five years. This is the ultimate "win win" scenario, and I reserve it only for my very Elite clients who show me a huge appetite for growing their business.

When I work on a percentage basis, it becomes more than a client based relationship, it becomes a joint venture. I work continuously with you advising and helping with the marketing and promotion of your business. When we partner in this way, you can clearly expect to see significant growth in your sales and your profits.

To become one of my clients I highly recommend you get hold of my DIY Marketing Blueprint first, it will really help speed up our process and save you money in the long run.  It will give you a full insight in to what's possible for your business and allow you to set the goals you want to achieve through our work together. 

So, if you're someone who really wants to be a success and make a lot of money in life, then this is your opportunity to do so. Start now by calling me on 01452 234169 to discuss how my marketing services can help you and your business to grow... or grab a copy of my Free Business Transformation Plan now to taste my work and ideas...