Small Business Web Design Services

"Simple Designs That Will Grow Your Business..."

Why Do You Really Need A Web Site?

If you want an all singing, all dancing site to impress your friends and visitors then I’m not your man.

However if you want a web site that makes you money, you’ve come to the right place!

Yes you want your site to look professional; but its main purpose is to make you money and not to impress with fancy graphics and animations. ‘Simple’ sells best.

Your website should pull in leads and make you sales.

Designed around direct response elements, your site should focus on a strong call to action.

Put simply, your site should motivate your visitors to:

  • Call you, or
  • Click your Buy button, or
  • Join your mailing list

People searching locally online for what you are offering, are ready to spend money. Your site needs to make it easy for them to spend it with you.  

Take a look at the checklist below to learn about the 7 critical elements you need on your homepage to make sure you convert your visitors in to customers...

Download this FREE Checklist  Now and Audit your Homepage to see if You're Losing Sales!

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Check to see how many of the 7 Essential Features Your Homepage has Missing ... and Learn which elements you need to add to boost your sales...

Why Should You Choose Me to Design Your Website?

Here are 5 reasons why you should...

1.  Mobile Responsive Pages to StopYour Visitors From Leaving

Consider these 2 facts:

  • 80% of new local business leads come from online searches!
  • 70% of local searches result in a phone call according to Google

The majority of your visitors will be using small screens to view your content, therefore your design needs to look good on mobile and tablet devices.

All of the sites I design are mobile friendly and include the single most critical feature for any small business website today – a “Click to Call” button which allows your visitor to contact you with a single click. The easier you make life for your leads the higher your conversion rates will be...

2.  Focused on Conversions to Increase Your Sales

The main purpose of your site is to get your visitors to either:

  • Call You
  • Click Buy
  • Join Your Mailing List

I’ll design your web site to target your preferred ‘Call to Action’ in order to maximise the value your site earns you. 

The Key Elements listed in the Checklist above will be integrated in to your pages to engage your visitors and convert them in to paying customers.

3.  Optimised Pages for Higher Search Engine Rankings

Every page will be designed with the Search Engines in mind. There is absolutely no point in spending money on a new web site that no one will ever find!

On-page optimisation will include:

  • Keywords, Titles & Tags
  • Schema & Geo Tagging

The keywords people type when searching for your service or product will be built in to your content, titles and tags to help your pages be categorised correctly by the search engines.

I also use a specific type of code (schema) to categorise your content further for the search engines, together with Geo Tagging which links your images with your location to help improve your rankings.

4.  Use Your Mobile to Update Your Site and Save Money

Why pay a web designer to update your site when you can do it in minutes from your smartphone or tablet using a simple free App?

  • Save Money on Site Updates
  • Add New Content Regularly for Better Rankings

Literally add blog posts and photos or update your pages whenever you need to instead of relying on someone else.

Not only will you save money, but the more often you add updates and new content, the better your web pages will rank!

5.  Save Time Auto-Posting to Social Media Sites & Get More Visitors

How cool would it be if you added updates and photos to your web site and instantly they appeared on your Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn pages?

With my designs they can!

I can include auto social posting functionality with your new site. So every time you add new content, you get:

  • More Engagement = More Visitors
  • More Links = Better Rankings

Now this means you’ll pull visitors in from the search engines, but also from the audiences you build up on the Social Media sites you use with no extra effort!

Pricing Guide



3 - 5 Pages

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Sales Focused
  • On Page SEO
  • Blog Included
  • Self Posting App
  • Privacy & Terms Pages



Intermediate & SEO

5 - 8 Pages

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Sales Focused
  • On Page SEO
  • Blog Included
  • Self Posting App
  • Privacy & Terms Pages
  • Schema & Geo Tagging
  • Facebook Auto Posting


Advanced  & Rank

5 - 10 Pages

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Sales Focused
  • On Page SEO
  • Blog Included
  • Self Posting App
  • Schema & Geo Tagging
  • 5 Auto Post Accounts
  • *Silver SEO Package


* Silver SEO Package RRP  £597