3 Essential Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

small business marketing tips

Trust me these 3 small business marketing tips are Golden!

If you’re not already using these 3 marketing strategies I’ve got for you below, then I’m telling you now you’re leaving money on the table!

Going forward if you implement all three strategies then you’ll see your business make more money and grow.

So let’s get started …

1. Focus on Direct Response Marketing

Whenever I pick up a publication with that contains the ads of local businesses I can guarantee that virtually all of them will “tell you about” rather than “asking you to”.

The same is true for small business web sites.

How many local business web sites do you visit that have a specific offer on their homepage?

Very, very few!

Whenever you advertise you need to make the reader or visitor a great offer they’ll find hard to refuse and then tell them exactly what they need to do to take advantage of it.

That’s what direct response advertising is all about – getting potential customers to take action.

Simply listing your services underneath your business name and then including your phone number at the bottom is not what I'm talking about, that's more akin to brand marketing! It won't make you a lot of money!

What you need to do is include an offer in your ad or at the top of your web page, preferably with a limitation. The tell your reader to Call You or Click the Button or Fill in the Coupon in order to take advantage of your offer. You want them to take immediate action as a 'direct response' to your ad copy.

When you include a strong call to action in your advertising you'll generate more leads and therefore a greater return on your spend.

Big businesses use advertising to increase their brand recognition, leading to greater sales in the future. But they have larger advertising budgets whereas small businesses don't and therefore need to generate sales from every ad.

Use direct response marketing to get paying customers in the door with an offer, and then upsell them either straight away or in the future.

2. Offer a Range of Products or Services

Your customers will all have different budget limitations. Therefore provide a range of products and services to appeal to their differing needs. Going back to the first tip above, advertise an offer on your cheapest offering and the upsell them to a premium product or service.

When you offer a range, there are a lot of people in society who will never buy the cheapest solution when there are a number to choose from, they'll choose the next one up. Did you know restaurants take advantage of this by offering cheap wines at higher margins priced just above the house wines. They know people don't buy the house wine as they don't want to look like they can't afford better wines, and they want to select a particular wine to look as though they know what they are doing. Reality is that the wines they choose are no better and often worse than the house wines, but they're positioned on the menu to sell better at high margins!

You can do the same. Offer a cheap basic solutions and they make your lead aware of the premium versions, you'll be amazed how many upgrade and even more pleased with the growth in your profits!

3. Your Existing Customers Are Often Overlooked!

Don't overlook the obvious in your business.

In this case I mean your existing list of people who have bought from you before!

Very, very rarely do I get contacted by small business owners that I have spent money with previously. They simply move on to new customers.

It's a well known fact that a satisfied customer is more likely to buy from you again than a cold prospect fresh from an advert.

So don't just focus on finding new leads. Stay in regular touch with all of your customer database and keep sending them details of your products and services.

If you offer more than one service then sell them another. Just by writing, calling or emailing regularly you'll earn a lot more from each customer you aquire, in turn growing your sales and your profits.

These 3 tips can transform any small business very quickly!

My DIY Marketing Blueprint includes a ton of ideas for increasing your range of products and services.

small business marketing plan

It gives suggestions for how you can introduce premium versions and upsells.

It has a ton of tips to help you stay in touch routinely with clients and ideas for getting them to give you their credit card details over and over again. Plus it walks you through direct response marketing in much more detail and shows you how to write ads that generate sales!

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