5 Benefits of Using Video to Market Your Small Business

Do You Use Video Marketing to Grow Your Small Business?

Think your business is too small to benefit from video?

Think again…

The Yellow Pages is a thing of the past.

Even computers are becoming yesterday’s technology.

We’re living in a world where technology is transforming our daily lives.

People (your customers) are literally addicted to tapping and swiping their smartphones.

Sharing our daily lives on social media has become an obsession.

YouTube, Facebook and Google courtesy of your smartphone or tablet are where your sales are going to come from in 2016 and beyond (whether we like it or not!).

Therefore your business HAS to be prominent on these sites for your business to flourish in the future.

What does this mean for your business?

Well your web pages have to be mobile friendly for a start; then you need a YouTube Channel and you have to have a Facebook page.

And this brings me back to why your business will benefit from video.

What’s easier to absorb on a smartphone: pages of small text or a video?

It really is that simple. If you want to get your sales message across, then video is far more effective than words primarily because the screens are so small. But even on tablets and laptops, video will get your message over much quickly than words on a page ever can.

Simple reality is, people love video. That’s why YouTube is so massive; and it’s why you need to be using video in your marketing.

If you’ve been put off by the cost then you shouldn’t be. Smartphones have made making short videos both free and simple, and professional video production services are affordable today for even the smallest of small businesses.

Below I’m going to share with you all of the benefits video can bring to your business and also provide you with ideas as to how you can specifically use video marketing to grow your sales and profits.

5 Benefits of Small Business Video Marketing

1. Engagement

small business promotional video

Most of prefer to watch rather than read, which is why video is such an effective medium for getting your sales message across. When visitors arrive on your web site you have just a few seconds to grab their attention; if you don’t they’ll quickly click away to your competitors.

So placing a video in a prominent position near the top of your home page is a great way to grab that vital attention instantly.

When a new lead arrives at your site what are they looking for?

This is an important question because the answer determines what the content of your video should be, because the more relevant it is to the visitor the more engaging it’ll be.

For example, think of the question this way:

Are your visitors typically:

  • researching your type of product or service before making a buying decision?
  • ready to order but looking for a quality provider they can trust?
  • ready to order and looking for the best deal on offer?

Now can you see just how important the question is?

I’d bet that most of you reading this have never thought about your web site in this way before? Yet the answer has huge implications on the design and content of your pages (or at least it should have).

Let me just quickly touch on each answer in turn…

Product Research

If you provide a specialised service or product, then your visitors will generally be looking for information to help their buying decision when they arrive on your page, therefore, that is what you need to provide them!

At the point they arrive they’re not looking for special offers or buy buttons because they’re not even sure what they want.

Therefore your page headline and video need to be focused on providing information to your lead, and not on selling to them.

Ideally your video will be prompt the viewer to exchange their email address for more detailed information at the end of the video. When a visitor is looking for information prior to buying, collecting their contact details is your goal. They’re not in a buyer’s mindset so don’t try selling to them.

Use your video to share you’re the main benefit of your product or service, and then end with a call to action asking them to sign up to be sent more detailed information. You can then send a series of communications written to steer them down the buying path.

Quality & Trust

If you provide a service such as carpet cleaning, plumbing or tuition, then your visitors will be more concerned with finding a quality solution rather than the cheapest deal. They’re more concerned with ‘done right’ than ‘done cheap’. For these visitors you need to use your video to showcase real client reviews, your acreditations and your unique customer guarantee (you do offer one don’t you!)

When prospective clients can see and listen to you in your video, you have the opportunity to gain their trust. Combine this trust with a strong satisfaction backed guarantee and genuine client reviews and your conversion rates will soar.

Very few small business owners target their homepages in the ways I’ve just described to you.

With the correct use, video can really boost your sales and give you a significant competitive advantage over your competition. The secret is to understand the needs of your visitors and give them exactly what they’re looking for.

Special Offers

If you provide a generic product or service that is readily available, then the majority of your visitors arriving on your site will be ready to buy and are just shopping around for the best deal, so this is where you must focus your video.

Create a short video to promote a special offer specifically for new customers only. To increase your conversions, combine the use of scarcity by making the offer available for a limited time only or until a limited quantity are sold. Scarcity creates urgency.

2. Brand Awareness

You can certainly use video to increase your brand awareness. Whilst branding is not as important for a small company as it is a large corporation, it can still help to grow your business.

The more often you can get your business in front of the eyes of prospects, the more likely they are to become clients.

Building a YouTube channel and promoting your videos on sites like Facebook are excellent ways of getting your business known to more people.

To get the most effect from this strategy, it’s important that you have a branded introduction to use at the start of each video so that viewers recognise you as the creator instantly.

A short animation of your business logo at the beginning of your videos will achieve this and also help to grab the engagement of the viewer instantly.

Logo Example 1

Logo Example 2

Logo Example 3

To see more logo animations like these, click here...

Logo animations help to make your videos stand out from the crowd. They make your name memorable, so that when someone needs your service in the future you get the call.

Once you’ve had a logo animation created, adding it to the beginning of your future videos is easy to do yourself with free software such as Windows Movie Maker.

Using your smartphone to record clips of you delivering your service or to record client reviews takes seconds to do. Adding your logo introduction before uploading them to YouTube and Facebook takes literally 5 minutes.

This strategy will give you a regular stream of branded video material to promote on social media in order to increase your social following, brand awareness and ultimately sales.

3. Mobile Friendly

mobile responsive video

As I said at the start of this post, smartphones and tablets are taking over our everyday lives. When we need products or services today we simply grab our device and tap a search in to Google.

One of the great things about video is that they are very mobile and tablet friendly. Videos are easy to watch on a small screen, whereas text is a lot harder and slower to read.

With more and more of your online visitors coming from mobile or tablet devices, it makes more sense than ever before to use videos in your marketing mix.

4. Social Media Sharing

Video is far more likely to be shared on social media sites than any other medium. So if you want your friends and family to help promote your business online, then publish videos for them to watch and engage with via likes and shares.

social media video marketing

Here are 5 quick video marketing tips for getting your videos more shares and engagement:

  • Add a professional animated logo at the start to impress your viewer
  • Focus the video on one of the following:
  • Promoting a Special Offer, or
  • Sharing a specific "How To" tip
  • Include humour if you can
  • Ask for likes and shares at the end of the video
  • Ask for a like or share in the text of the video post

People love to share special offers, useful tips and anything funny. And if you tell them to share it, then they’re more likely to do so! Here’s one final piece of advice for increasing the reach of your videos…

If one of your videos starts to generate more shares than you’re expecting, spend some money and give it a boost as a promoted post on Facebook to reach as many eyeballs in your target market as possible…

5. Search Engine Rankings

Videos can really help your search engine rankings.

There are lots of video sharing sites and social sites that you can upload your videos to. Every time you do you’re creating a new backlink to your site. Backlinks help your web pages to rank higher in the main search engines such as Google or Bing.

Videos also improve your rankings by keeping visitors on your site longer. If someone watches a video on your site, then it means they will be on your site for a reasonable length of time.

This extended stay sends a signal to the search engine that your content is of value, and as a result your pages will rank higher over time because the search engines are keen to serve up relevant results of value.

Videos also rank in their own right on Google, particularly if they are keyword optimised and uploaded to YouTube.

Why? Because Google owns YouTube.

small business video ranking

So when you upload your videos, if you add a keyword focused title and a detailed description of the video, it should rank well in YouTube itself as well as having a chance of ranking well in Google’s listings.

Ultimately the benefits of using videos to market your small or local business are better conversion rates and more visitors to your sites, which combined means more sales!

Small Business Video Production Costs

The good news for you is that getting a custom business video produced isn’t as expensive as you might think. With your smartphone you can create lots of short video clips yourself. But even professional business video production services are affordable today. The days when a professional custom made promotional video would cost thousands of pounds are long gone.

Small Business Video Marketing Strategy

small business video marketing strategy

Here’s how I suggest you go about using videos in your marketing arsenal to obtain maximum results…

Firstly, you need to have a video at the top of your homepage for all of the reasons we’ve discussed above. As your video will be showcased at the top of your homepage, it needs to be professional to create an instant positive impression. Therefore I really recommend that you get at least your homepage video professionally produced, because a homemade video on your smartphone simply won’t cut it!

BUT … and it’s a BIG BUT …

Before you rush out and place your order, you need to give some thought as to the message you want to get across in your video?

If you choose the wrong message then your video won’t work as a sales tool like it should!

When I work with clients, I literally match the video contents to the exact needs of their visitors and produce their video accordingly.

If you get the match right, then not only will your video convert more visitors in to paying customers, it will also get more shares on social media to generate you more leads.

How to Make More Sales Using Videos

Rather than make this long post even longer, I’ve put together a very short free guide that shows you how to identify the exact content your visitors are looking for and the 3 video marketing strategies you can use to maximise your product or service sales.

Each of the 3 strategies includes:

· Recommended video length & type of content

· The correct call to action for your visitors

· Precise promotional tactics for maximum sales and video views

When you read this free guide, you’ll suddenly understand the power of video marketing when it’s implemented correctly. The penny will literally drop straight away as to what your actual business needs.

I guarantee that less than one percent of business owners are actually using video the right way to engage leads and turn them in to clients. This is your chance to join them and jump ahead of your competitors!

So now that you understand the potential benefits video can offer to you, and to your online marketing in particular, you need to grab the free guide below and fully exploit the opportunity it offers you and your business.

small business video marketing strategy

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Beyond your professionally produced homepage video, I highly recommend that you produce your own short videos on a regular basis and post them as a minimum to your:

  • Website
  • YouTube Channel
  • Facebook page

Your DIY videos need only be short 30 second clips filmed on your smartphone. They can be ‘selfies’ of you giving tips or talking about your services; they can be your clients talking about your service or they can simply be film of you performing your service.

What I do recommend is that you get an animated logo produced to give your videos a professional introduction that will help to identify your brand. You should get this done when you order your homepage video and have it delivered as a separate file.

Adding regular videos will help your site to rank in Google; keep your Facebook followers engaged and result in more people finding your business on YouTube.

The return you get for 30 seconds of your time will prove to be a very good investment in the long term growth of your business.

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