7 Steps to Small Business Profits with Adwords

Don't Spend Another Penny on Adwords' Campaigns Without Reading This First!

adwords for small business

When it comes to Adwords, the majority of you take an all too similar path!

Does this sound like YOU?

1. You load as many keyword phrases as possible 

2. You write one quick ad

3. You bid below the suggested CPC

4. You set a small daily budget

5. You send the 'clicks' to your homepage

6. You wonder why the clicks don't turn in to sales

7. You kill your campaign, count the cost and give up!

Sound familiar to those of you who’ve dipped your toes in to Adwords advertising?

Making a Return on Your Adwords Investment is NOT as Easy as Many Believe!

Adwords can be a great advertising tool for your business, but only if you know the correct way to use it.  I have clients that've made thousands of pounds in profits from the campaigns I've run for them, when previously they've struggled to generate new leads...

You must follow the steps I lay out in this Guide if you want to be successful with Adwords.  When you do, you'll quickly see your ad costs reduced and your conversions increase, because what I teach is proven to work.

In the Guide, I'll show you:

  • The CORRECT  keywords to target
  • How to Write Ads that ATTRACT Clicks
  • The Bidding Strategy the PROS use
  • Why Budgeting LOW can harm your results
  • Where to SEND your prospects
  • How to CONVERT MORE of Your Clicks in to Sales
  • How to OPTIMISE your campaign profits