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About Me…

Why Richard Can Help You...

If you're looking for someone to help you to grow your business then I know I can help you.  

Why?   Because I've already helped others to do just that!

I know what it takes to make a business succeed:

  • A daily flow of new leads 
  • A positive positioning of your business
  • A great customer experience

In order to grow and be successful, your business must have new leads flowing in every day, because without them you can't achieve growth.

If you position your product or services correctly, then you will convert more of those leads in to paying clients, and importantly clients who are prepared to pay more rather than chasing discounts.  

Finally when you provide your clients with a great experience, they'll keep spending with you over and over, and they'll tell their friends about you.

Put these 3 elements together and your business will grow...  miss one out and your potential will be limited.

And herein lies the problem for most small business owners...

Very few of you know little about the first 2 pieces of the jigsaw but 'believe' you are experts in customer service, which maybe isn't always the case!

So how do I help?

Well, I specialise in online marketing - building and ranking websites, getting targeted visitors to them and then turning them in to calls, enquiries and orders.

I know how to write copy that sells and gets leads to take action. 

I know how to position your services and products to achieve maximum value in your business.

I've spent 25 years working in the corporate world and I appreciate how important structure, processes and procedures are, particularly if you really are serious about scaling your business.  I grew our turnover from $8million to over $100million during that time.

What other experience do I have that qualifies me to help you?

 -  I've owned my own successful businesses

 -  I've made money with online marketing

 -  I've got a Masters Degree in Business

 -  I'm a Qualified Management Accountant

 -  I'm certified in Copywriting, Paid Traffic Management, Email Marketing & Search Marketing by Digital Marketer

 -  I've successfully completed the Ask Method 

 -  I'm Bronze certified in Continuous Improvement & Lean Systems

 -  I've spent thousands on courses by leading marketers from around the world - Dan Kennedy, Jay Abrahams & Ryan Deiss

These are all reasons why I can help you through my coaching and courses to really transform your businesses.

Most importantly as you'll see from the Testimonials on this site, I help my clients achieve real results!

What about me as a person…

I’m approaching 50 with a wife, 2 kids and a dog. I live in a beautiful old stone cottage in the heart of the stunning Cotswolds.

I enjoy a pint and a glass or two of wine.

Weekends are spent coaching and shouting at my boy’s U-15’s side.

Born in Lincoln, I’m still proud of my roots and as a result I’m still very much a regular guy despite my career success and years of Cotswold life.

My interest in small business started some 15 years ago when I bought a restaurant with a friend, a chef surprisingly! Learning about marketing became a necessity. The restaurant did well and I doubled my money with that first venture, but ultimately it lacked real scaleability.

My next venture in to business came as a result of my brother’s interest in breeding dogs. We set up a kennels specifically for breeding and rearing racing greyhounds, a business not for the faint hearted.  There's a lot to dislike about the greyhound industry, we looked after our dogs well, but the same can't be said for everyone in the game.

But my real passion is Marketing.

It started when I became aware of online marketing around 10 years ago. I’ve spent thousands of pounds since then on marketing courses, both online and offline. I can't begin to tell you how much I have learnt from some of the top marketers in the world. Personally I’ve made thousands of pounds selling other people’s products online as an affiliate marketer.

In recent years I've helped lots of small businesses with their online marketing, I've built web sites, ranked them in the search engines, ran advertising campaigns and designed their marketing materials. I've produced business plans that have transformed the businesses of friends and clients.

I really hope you'll let me help you and your business, and look forward to meeting you. 

I work with clients throughout the UK

Hopefully now you see why I believe I can help you, I hope you'll let me!