Can Any Small Business Owner Learn How to Be Successful?

It’s an interesting question, isn't it?

After all with the majority of new business start-ups failing inside of 4 years and with only the top 5% of small businesses making any real money you’d think the answer would be no, wouldn’t you?

But I think that’s not necessarily true…

small business skills

Actually I believe so many small business owners either fail or struggle for a different reason.

The real reason so many of you fail in your quest to be successful is that you either don’t have the time or simply don’t want to learn the critical business skills needed for success.

People pay to be taught to drive a car. People will pay to learn a musical instrument or to learn how to ski or play golf.

But how many of you have paid to improve your marketing or accounting skills?

Very few in my experience!

It makes no sense.

You’ll pay to learn something for fun but you don’t want to pay for skills that will make you money going forward?

Which is money better spent?

To me it’s a ‘no brainer’.

Invest in your business skills every time because they will increase your earnings potential which in turn will allow you more time going forward to have fun!

So let’s say I’ve changed your mind and you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business; that brings us back to the question posed at the start…

Can Any Small Business Owner Learn How to Be Successful?

Yes … if you want to.

Business skills are learnable.

A lot of successful business people weren’t brilliant academically at school, far from it; so don’t think that just because your short on “O-levels” or “GCSEs” you can’t learn business skills because it’s simply not true.

Marketing your small business doesn’t require rocket science at the end of the day.

The key to success is to identify which skills you need, then learn them and most importantly USE what you learn! The more you use what you learn the better your results will be.

Take my marketing guides and products as examples; the tactics in them are really simple and easy to implement. You don’t need a degree to implement them but you do need to sit and read the guides and watch the videos in order to discover them.

You just won’t recognise these tactics on your own with investing time to learn them; that’s what I had to do. I’ve spend thousands of pounds on marketing courses and books to learn what really works and what doesn’t. I couldn’t have written my blueprint without investing in my own knowledge first.

In a lot of cases growing your business is not about learning complicated processes and strategies; it’s about having your eyes opened to all the possibilities and opportunities that are staring you in the face but you’ve failed to recognise.

Your first step to success has to be you recognising that you need to change what you’re doing today if you’re to grow faster tomorrow.

The quickest way to change what you’re doing is to learn new tactics and strategies that will bring you the results you want. That means a commitment from you to put time aside to learn.

So my advice to you as a business owner is to make sure you invest in your key business skills. You need to understand the financial numbers that measure your success or failure; and you need to learn about the marketing tactics that work in the world of small business.

There’s no better place to start than with my DIY Rapid Growth Marketing Blueprint which is jam packed full of tactics and tips to help you succeed quickly. PLUS it comes with a bonus module that I’ve written to help small business owners understand the numbers that really matter when growing your business.

Go take a look now…

And if you’re looking for something free to get you started with your business growth, download this free 30 Day Business Transformation training now and being growing your business tomorrow!

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