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Client Reviews Service

Literally Everyone Looks Online for Reviews BEFORE They Decide to Call a Business

so if You Haven't Got Lots of 5 Star Reviews Waiting For Them, then You're Missing Out on a Lot of New Business...

Every Business Needs Lots of Positive Online Reviews to Thrive

I always look online at reviews for a business or product before I pick the phone up, and I'm guessing you do to, virtually everyone I know does!

So why do so many small businesses still have no reviews on Google or Facebook, and if they have it's usually just one or two?

Your potential new clients want to see positive reviews so why not give them what they're looking for?

There are 2 Reasons why so few small businesses collect online reviews routinely even though according to the Bright Local survey, 68% of people are happy to leave reviews when asked:

  • 1
    Clients don't know how to leave them
  • 2
    Owners don't like asking for them​​​​​

Would you like your Review Collection Automated?

Our service offers a quick and simple solution to both problems! 

As a business owner all you have to do is hand out the Request Form we design for you when you've completed your service and it makes it really easy for them to leave a review on Google.  You simply need to hand out the form as part of your daily routine.

Then the next day, you simply enter their name and email address into a web page we provide on your smartphone and that triggers a series of automated emails to remind your client to leave your review...  it literally takes you 60 seconds to trigger the sequence and it takes your client a minute to add a review... it's that simple.

When you combine the Request Form with the follow-up Email Sequence you'll be blown away by how many reviews you receive!

Your new reviews will set you apart from your competition... you'll rank better in the search engines, more people will visit your web site and more of those visitors will pick up the phone to call you or hit your buy button because of the trust your reviews create...

When you purchase a Request Form design from us today, you'll receive a FREE 30 Day Trial to the email sequence service.  Think about how many reviews you could collect in the next 30 days if 68% of your clients respond to your requests?  You'll blow your online competition away...

Here's How It Works...

Phase 1 - The Review Request Form

  • Perform your job or service
  • Collect your client's email address
  • Give your client this Review Request form

When you take the order or complete the job always ask for your client's contact details.

This form is personalised to your business and makes it simple for a client to leave a review on Google.  We include a short link and a QR code that take your client directly to your review page on Google.

When your client leaves a review, Google will send you an email to tell you, so you can send your client a thankyou note.

If they don't leave a review in the first 24 hours move to phase 2.

Phase 2 - Automated Email Follow-up Sequence

  • Open the web page in your smartphone
  • Enter your client's contact details
  • Email sequence initiated

We create you a new web page on our site that is password protected and allows only you access.

You open the page on your PC, tablet or smartphone and simply type in their name and email address, and click the button.

This triggers a sequence of up to 3 pre-written emails that contain links to your Google and Facebook Reviews pages.  If one of the links is clicked, then no further emails are sent.

This automated sequence provides your client with up to 3 reminders to leave your business a review.  It also provides a chance to follow up as part of your customer service to ensure your client was happy, something very few small businesses do!

Literally Collect 5 Star Reviews Every Day and Blow Your Competition Away!

Why are Google and Facebook Reviews SO Important?

The answer is simple ... MORE VISITORS and MORE SALES

Reviews that are left on Google and Facebook are written by real people independently of your web site, so they carry a lot of weight when leads are deciding whether or not to use your service...

Take a look at the 3 images below...

Higher Conversions

I guarantee that the businesses displayed with 5 Star Ratings get a lot more clicks to their web sites than those that have none, even one single review can make a difference ... but when you collect 50+ reviews like FAB Cleaning then you can guarantee you're getting a ton of search clicks and because of all the happy reviews they'll be converting most of those clicks in to paying customers!

Higher Sales

The more Client Reviews you collect the more trust and credibility your business will have and your sales will grow quickly as a result.  Not only that, but lots of glowing reviews allow you to position your business to charge more.  So you get more leads, turn more of them in to customers and they pay you more as well ...

Higher Rankings

Collecting regular Google reviews will also boost your Google My Business listing and give you a much better chance of being showed in the 3 Pack listings that get the majority of the local clicks.

What Clients Are Saying...

Tim Cooper

Owner, Total Cleaning Solutions, Wakefield

"As soon as I started to collect Google Reviews per Richard's advice, my online enquiries doubled overnight!"

​​​​​​​Stuart Fossella

Partner, Straight Back Physio, Cheltenham

"Richard pointed out to me that I didn't have any reviews on Google.  Now I have 8 reviews and I'm getting more enquiries, and I've noticed I'm appearing in a lot more of the 3-pack search results as well"


Order Today and Save 70%

You'll receive: 

  • check
    a Branded review request form
  • check
    Dedicated Contact Entry Page
  • check
    3 Automated Emails Sequence

Pay £27  JUST £7 Today for Your Branded Request Form  and receive a 30 Days Free Trial to the Email Service

After 30 days you'll be charged just £19/mth (saving 70% on the regular price of £67/mth), you can cancel at any time.

So for only £7 today you get the opportunity to try out our service for a full 30 days risk free!  After you've seen for yourself how well the system works you can continue to  collect your reviews, build your reputation and grow your sales on virtual autopilot for just £19/mth!

Where else can you find a service that builds your reputation and brings you new customers for just £19?

You're getting an automated Customer Service Follow Up sequence that instantly stands your business out from the crowd, think about it for a moment, when was the last time a small business followed up with you after performing a service?  It hardly ever happens...

When you follow up you'll get a lot more repeat business because you'll uncover opportunities to put issues right that otherwise you'd never have been aware of and in the process you'll avoid negative reviews and the damage they cause...

So for just £19/mth you'll build your reputation, improve your search engine rankings and attract a lot of new clients ... you get a free 30 day trial and you can cancel at any time, but hurry because this introductory offer won't be around for long!     

Frequently Asked Questions...

Who hosts/owns the Contact Details Entry Page?

I host the page on my site for your use for as long as you pay the monthly fee.  

What happens if I cancel?

You can use the service up until the end of the month you have paid for.  You can cancel at any time.  The form remains yours to use.

What about GDPR Privacy requirements?

Elite Clients will never contact your clients or share their details. Your clients will receive no marketing materials only your customer service follow up sequence.  Contact details will be deleted automatically at the end of the 3 email sequence from the database which is provided by a secure 3rd party service who are GDPR compliant.