How to Design a Landing Page to Capture Leads for your Small Business

landing page for small business

Building a list of email addresses for potential leads and clients should be close to the top of your list of must do marketing activities as a small business owner. A targeted email list is a valuable business asset.

An email list gives you a free method of communicating your marketing messages to your target audience over and over again.

If you’re not building a list, then you’re relying on your web site to convert your visitors in to customers on their first and likely only visit to your site. By grabbing their contact details you’re giving yourself multiple opportunities to turn them in to paying clients.

So when designing a page to capture the email address of your visitors, what tactics can you employ to maximise the number of sign-ups you get…

Here are 10 best practices to get you started...

Your Headline

Make sure you use a strong headline that promises to deliver a specific solution to a particular problem your visitor typically encounters. For example you could promise a short document or a short video that provides instruction on how to complete a particular task.

One specific tactic that works really well is to include a specific, precise number in your headline. This catches attention and at the same time gives your headline credibility.

For example: Compare “Fix your leaking tap in just 10 minutes” to “Fix your leaking tap in just 13 minutes”. The second example sounds like an actual time that you’ve measured and achieved. Here’s another example that I’ve used myself … “Generate 3,015 New Leads in Just 2 Weeks

Alternatively you could offer a free voucher that you’ll send to them via email. This brings me to the second tactic…


Whatever you decide to offer in return for an email address, you need to make it clear that you are giving it away for FREE! Use the word in your headline and in the text on your ‘call to action’ button. Everyone likes to get something for free!


Use bullet points to emphasise the 3 biggest benefits your free giveaway will provide your prospective lead.


Include an image of the item you’re giving away, preferably a photo of you or one of your clients holding or using it. Alternatively use a video of you using, explaining or demonstrating your giveaway.

Use Orange or Green and a Call to Action on your submit button

Don’t just use a bland ‘Submit’ button. Use words on your button like “Get Your FREE Gift Now” or “Send Me My Free Gift!” … in other words use a specific ‘call to action’ or put another way, tell your lead what they have to do! Orange and Green have been proven to attract the most button clicks, probably because they make the button stand out!

Remove Action Choices

What I mean by this is that a true landing page’s only purpose is to collect an email address. Therefore your page shouldn’t include any other links (other than your Privacy link) in order to steer your visitor solely towards your call to action button.

Mobile Responsive

It is highly likely that the majority of your visitors will find your site from mobile device, so it’s essential that your landing page is designed to be mobile friendly. If it’s not, then you need to take a look here…

Build Trust – Testimonials & Photos

As a lot of your visitors will be first timers they’ll not know much or indeed anything about you and your business. So include a couple of testimonials on your landing page, preferably with photos of your happy clients.

Ditch the Disclaimer

Don’t include any text below your button that talks about how you hate spam and won’t share their details. Tests have proven that this cuts conversions, probably because it makes your visitor think about spam and email abuse when otherwise they wouldn’t give it a thought!

Limit Availability

Make your offer sound as exclusive as possible. Set a limit to the number of giveaways on offer or set a time restriction. One way to do this easily is include a countdown timer below your call to action button.

So there you have it… 10 tactics to improve your landing page conversion rates. If you’d like to see an example of one of my landing pages, then click on this link … 3,015 New Leads in Just 2 Weeks

If you want a simple way to create landing pages then take a look at Click Funnels and give their free trial a go.

Watch the Video Below...

With Clickfunnels you get a bunch of landing page templates to use that are simple for you to personalise for your business, plus they provide the Autoresponder service which stores the email addresses that you collect and then lets you email them on mass whenever you want. They also provide a payment processor so that if you have a special offer that you want to promote to your new leads, it’s really easy to do.

Clickfunnels literally provides you with a plug and play sales funnel for your business that you can use without any real technical knowhow… it’s highly recommended and becoming more and more popular with small business owners across the globe…

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