Direct Advertising Mail Explained

Direct advertising mail is the delivery of physical marketing materials to homes and businesses with the intent of increasing brand awareness and growing sales.  Known in the past as junk mail, advertising mail had fallen out of favour over the last decade as email marketing and pay per click (ppc) online marketing became more cost effective.  However that trend is now reversing as we will discuss in this article.

If you want to run a successful direct mail advertising campaign in the UK for your business then you might be surprised by how cost effective it can be to use the direct marketing services provided by companies such as  the  Royal Mail who we are all familiar with in the UK (there are lots of direct mail service providers to choose from in the UK)

Many postal services such as the Royal Mail are keen to provide a competitive alternative to email marketing.  With the amount of physical mail sent each year declining in the UK due to email and the internet, mail services are having to focus on growing specific areas of their businesses, and the provision of comprehensive and cost effective direct mail campaigns is one of those areas.

ROI of a campaigns has to be attractive compared to electronic alternatives.  This has been helped in recent years by the swing to email advertising.  The result of the surge to email has meant far less 'junk mail' now falls through our letterboxes and therefore open rates are increasing, whereas conversely the open rates of emails has fallen dramatically due to the amount of junk now appearing in our inboxes.

So physical direct mail advertising is again becoming a much more viable option for businesses, and the Royal Mail are tailoring their packages to the needs of small and large businesses with differing budgets to spend.

We all know that successful advertising campaigns are measured  by ROI.  Prices for delivering your physical items in the UK starts at  just over 16 pence, so can be a very affordable alternative to email marketing or pay per click online advertising.  Price per item obviously depends on the size of your campaign with prices increasing the smaller your campaign is.

Direct mail has proven over many years to deliver growth for businesses.  When you add it to your marketing mix along with your digital campaigns, it can increase ROI by as much as 12% according to data from Royal Mail.  In addition, IPA Effectiveness Awards Databank analysis showed that campaigns including mail were 27% more likely to deliver top-ranking sales performance, and 40% more likely to deliver top-ranking acquisition levels, versus campaigns without mail.

So if you're looking to grow your business and what an alternative to email marketing and pay per click advertising online, you might want to look at giving the 'old fashioned' direct mail a go, especially with mail companies fighting to win market share back!

There are many direct mail service providers to choose from and this is not an endorsement of the Royal Mail service.  The purpose of this article is to provide information on viable alternatives to online marketing and to demonstrate how cycles are reversing and physical mail is making a competitive comeback and should therefore be considered in your marketing mix. 

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