How to Get Testimonials from Clients Every Day

Today we all look online and read reviews before we call a business or order a product, it makes sense to check out what we're buying before parting with our cash.

So why don't more small business owners give us the reviews we're looking for? 

I can't remember the last time I was asked to provide a review, can you?

Yet according to a Bright Local survey, 68% of people are happy to provide reviews if they've had a good experience and if they're asked.

But very few of us are asked!

Imagine how many reviews you could collect if 68% of your customers provided them.

So with 68% of people keen to leave a review, and 85% trusting online reviews as much as they do a personal , what is stopping business owners from collecting them?

There are 2 primary obstacles...

Either the owner doesn't like asking or the customer doesn't know how to leave one!

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Why should you want to overcome those obstacles?

Well when you start collecting more 5 Star Reviews the following will happen:

- your search engine rankings will improve

- you'll get more people visiting your site

- more visitors will convert in to customers

Put more simply... the more Reviews you collect the quicker your sales will grow!

Remember we all look for reviews online before we buy anything.  I even look for reviews when I've been recommended a service, just to confirm what I've been told.  And I'm guessing I'm not alone... do you?

This makes having strong reviews vitally important if you want to convert leads in to paying customers.

So let's go back to the 2 obstacles for a moment...

What if you had the tools to request testimonials from every happy client using a virtually autopilot system?

What if it took no more than 60 seconds to initiate every request?

What if the tools provided a testimonial template that made it easy for the client to leave a review in just 60 seconds?

What if you could have a free trial of the system and tools for 30 days?

What if at the end of the 30 days, when you suddenly have reviews from 68% of your clients, you could continue to use the system at a 60% discount?

If you could have all of the above to guarantee a regular flow of client reviews would you be interested?

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About the Author

Richard Taylor specialises in helping and advising small business owners with all aspects of their marketing, both online and offline, to ensure they achieve the rapid growth they're looking for...