The Key to Small Business Success

small business success

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Albert Einstein

Do you understand Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’?

No me neither!

However I do understand Einstein's quote above … the question is do you?

If your focus is solely on being successful in business then I guarantee your obsession with profit will be at the detriment to your actual growth and earnings potential.


Because when you focus only on your success, you’ll miss opportunities to invest your time and money in the creation of additional value for others, in particular the clients you serve.

If you ‘do the minimum’ or provide an ‘average’ product or service in order to maximise your immediate profits, then you’re always going to struggle to grow your business.

The minute you provide more value than your clients are expecting to receive or in deed that they’re paying for, you will start to see a positive change in your business fortunes.

When you focus on maximising the value you provide to all of your clients, you’ll start to receive more repeat orders and more word of mouth referrals.

Your sales will grow.

But the benefit of adding value to your product or service doesn’t end with simply more sales. When a lead is referred to you because of the great service you have provided to their friends or family, they are ready to pay more for your service as the risk involved with using you has been significantly reduced.

So when you focus on providing more value to each and every client, you’ll not only grow your sales quicker, but you’ll also be able to charge more without buyer resistance.

Therefore next time a client asks “could you quickly do this for me” don’t simply say no. Think of the request as an opportunity to invest in your business.

When a customer has a problem with your service or product, be sure to put it right with the minimum of fuss.

You’ll be surprised how often a client issue when dealt with quickly can turn in to a positive marketing event for your business.

As a customer you’ll know that there is nothing worse than encountering an issue with a purchase and having to fight to get it resolved. Compare that feeling to that where the seller shows immediate empathy for your situation and resolves immediately to help to put it right for you.

In the first scenario, your customer will put everyone they come in to contact with off using your company and in this day and age their reach can be enormous thanks to social media.

But in scenario two, despite the problem they incurred, your client will be delighted and will sing your praises to everyone they meet, more so than they would have had they been happy in the beginning.

So if you want to be a success, follow Einstein’s advice and focus on creating as much value for other people as you can. If every customer is delighted by you and your business then success will follow.

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