Make Your Small Business Video Marketing Standout with an Animated Logo

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Not sure what an ‘Animated Logo’ actually is?

Watch this Video below…

Look good don’t they?

Not only do they look good, but they also grab the immediate attention of your viewer making them a whole lot more likely to watch the rest of your video and take in your sales message.

At the end of the day you publish your videos to be watched, so it makes sense to do everything you can to make them engaging right from the start.

An animated logo is also a great way to get your brand in to the head of your viewers. I’m not big on the importance of branding when it comes to small businesses, but if you have an opportunity to make your name and logo really jump out at people so they remember it, then it can only be a positive thing!

A well-produced logo animation instantly makes your video look more professional.

Think about it.

If you shoot your videos on your smartphone, then the immediate perception is that it’s an amateur production. However when you add an animated logo to the beginning, your viewer will form a much more positive initial impression of you and your business.

The more professional you appear the more orders and sales you’ll get (and the more you’ll be able to charge!).

Logo and name recognition are important.

Even if your lead watches your video today but decides not to buy straightaway, then when their need for your service or product increases in the future they will be highly likely to think of you first because your video introduction stood out and was memorable.

A logo animation is usually delivered as a standard MP4 video clip. To make it, the producer needs your logo file, preferably a PNG file with transparency features included for optimum effect.

However if your logo is a basic JPG file it can easily be converted in to a PNG format.

Adding an animation to the start of your videos is easy!

To add your animation to the beginning of your videos you need a video editing tool. There are plenty of tools on the market, but using free video editing software such as Window Movie Maker which comes with most Windows versions (or just search on Google for free video editing software) is fine.

Simply open up your video editor and import both files (your actual video and your logo animation), placing your animation at the beginning of your timeline followed by your video. Then save the project as a new video file. It literally takes just a couple of minutes once you’ve done it for the first time.

Now if you’d like an animated logo for your business to make your videos more professional and more engaging, then all you need to do is click on this link:

Here’s the process:

1. Choose the logo animation you like best

2. Send me your logo file or I’ll design one for you

3. I’ll send you the finished animation file a couple of days later

Of course there is a Buy button that you’ll have to click on as well, BUT my animations aren’t expensive and there is some more good news …

Right now if you visit the link above and order your animation, I’m also throwing in a couple of bonuses:

  • a FREE Animated Social Outro file of your choice
  • a FREE Thumbnail Image for you to use with your videos

If you watched the video above, you’ll know what an animated Social Outro is. If you’re not sure then basically it’s a short animation that you can add to the end of your videos that shows your contact details (either, your Facebook, Twitter or Web Site addresses as examples.

So if someone watches your video on You Tube you can end it with an animation that prompts them to go to your web page or facebook page. Or in other words, you prompt them to take action!

Effectively I’m offering you two animations for the price of one!

A Thumbnail image is the image that appears before your video plays. It basically advertises your video!

As part of my current deal, I’m throwing in a Thumbnail image for your videos that you can upload to YouTube with each of your videos to give them a consistent branded appearance.

All you need to do with the image each time is open it in Paint or any other design app you have on your pc, and add the Title of your Video as text across the bottom of the image and re-save it with another name ready for upload. It takes seconds to do and will make your You Tube channel look so much more professional.

If you do use videos currently in your marketing or you are looking to do so (and you definitely should), then as well as ordering your Logo and Social animations today, I really recommend you read this blog post as well, all about getting the most from the videos you produce:  Small Business Video Marketing

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