How to Make Your Own Videos to Promote Your Small Business

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In my previous post I showed you 5 ways to use video for marketing your small business.

Today I want to talk about how you can actually make your own videos to use in those marketing strategies.

So do you own a smartphone?

Good, in that case you’re a long way down the path to creating your own videos!

The cameras are so good on the modern smartphones that the need for video cams has long since passed.

Choose a well-lit location and find a suitable surface to sit your phone on and you’re off and running!

Let’s talk about creating videos specifically for the strategies discussed in my last post…

Your Homepage Introduction Video

If you don’t mind sitting and talking on camera then do just that. Let your visitors get to know you, tell them about you and your company and why they should use you rather than your competition.

But if you’re camera shy then you could take a look at the short promotional videos I make for clients that use whiteboard graphics or animated characters to get your message across. You can take a look at some examples here … Promotional Videos 

Whichever method you choose, one thing is for sure; if you’re making or buying a video for your homepage to promote your business, then it needs to look professional!

The best way to make your videos look professional is to start your videos with an animation of your logo, it will give your viewers an immediate positive impression.

Not sure what I mean by an animated logo?

Watch the video below to see some examples of the kind of animations that could be used with your logo…

They look cool don’t they?

The good news is they’re not expensive and once you have one for your business you can use it to introduce all of your videos.

To add an animation to the start of one of your videos all you need to do if use a video editing tool. There are lots of tools to choose from; some are free, others are not.

To get you started I recommend you use free video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker (or simply search on Google for free video editing software).

Once you have your video editor open, import both of your video files (your actual video and your logo animation); on the timeline add your animation at the beginning and then your video. Then save the project as a new video file. It will only take you a couple of minutes to transform your ordinary amateur video clip in to a professional video that will impress your clients.

Take a look at this special offer link now to not only get yourself a special deal on an animated logo for your business, but to also get an animated outro thrown in as well to make your videos look even better! 

Product Demonstration Videos

Use a similar process for creating your product demo videos; use your smartphone to film your or your staff performing your service or using your product, then add a logo animation to the beginning of it.

Save the final video file with a name that includes one of your primary keywords to help it to rank in the search engines. For example: elitecarpetcleaningservice.mp4

When you upload it to YouTube or the video sharing site your use, make sure you also include your keywords in your video title and in the description for the video. Take some time to write as complete a call to action as you can. As well as keywords you should also include your phone number and website link.

Use different keyword variations each time you upload a new video.

By optimising your videos in this way you’ll give your videos a better opportunity of pulling in leads from both YouTube and Google.

Client Testimonials

You can either ask your clients to send you ‘selfie’ videos or you can ask them if you can film them with your smartphone when you complete the job or sell them your product. A quick 20-30 seconds video of your clients singing your praises can really help in getting your visitors to hit the buy button or call you. Again, if you can brand them with your logo animation, then even better.

Facebook Ads

If you’re going to use your videos in Facebook ads, then you’ll want to include text in the video for the first 10 seconds to draw attention to your video, because videos play silently for the first 10 seconds in the Facebook newsfeed. Adding captions can be done in your video editor or in Youtube’s video editor.


Hopefully you can see from this post and my previous one, that video marketing has a place in the promotional tools chest of any small business owner. Videos are cheap to make, they engage your visitors and help you to sell your products and services better than words ever can. They also work really well on social media.

Remember 65% of people who watch a video about a product or service on a web site are more likely to then go ahead and buy it. That’s a fact you can’t afford to ignore!

So go and check out the links in this post and give your video marketing a boost!

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