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Not All SEO Providers Are Created Equal!

Not All SEO Providers are Created Equally!

One of my new clients is a Man With a Van company in Bristol.  For those of you that are not aware of what a Man and Van service is, it's basically a small removals or delivery service.  Its an alternative to the big removals companies and hiring a self drive van.

Up and till a couple of years ago, Nick's business 'The Man With Van Network' was doing really well and he had a fleet of vans.  However following a web redesign his search engine rankings fell and his bookings tumbled.

So he hired an SEO company to revive his rankings.

Initially there was an improvement and his order book picked up, but after a couple of months it slowed again.  Nick was paying a considerable amount for the service each month.

I've taken a look at his site and I have to say I'm not impressed with what I've found.

Let's start with the links they've built...

In a word … they're worthless!  They've literally built one page sites on freebie web builder sites with spammy content, in terms of boosting rankings or generating traffic they are rubbish, literally a strategy from 10 years ago!

In terms of Anchor text, they've used keywords in virtually all of the links rather than using predominantly generic links with a sprinkling of keywords.

Finally they added some pages to his site where they pointed their links to, and guess what … the content they added was written purely with SEO in mind and not for potential customers...

I literally can't find anything good to say about the work they did for Nick, especially given what they charged him!

So what am I going to do?

Well I need to dilute his anchor text profile with some URL and Brand links to offset the keyword rich links.  I will use Directories and Press Releases initially to do that, and also try and attain some links from social media sites.

I've created a Facebook Page for the business and a Google Plus page.  I've optimised his Google My Business listing with Geo-Tagged photos, a full description and updated categories.

I've restructured his site and added embedded Google Maps, and started to rewrite some of the content they added.

I'm providing Nick with my automated Customer Review Requests system to help him collect more reviews on Google and Facebook to help with both rankings and conversions.

We'll keep adding photos of jobs to Facebook, his blog and Google My Business.

I'll look at finding some guest posting opportunities and hopefully in the next couple of months the work will bear fruit with better rankings and more bookings.

If you're looking for an SEO company, then look carefully at what they're promising and how they're going to deliver your rankings.  If you're interested in getting my help, then take a look at my packages or give me a call...

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Richard Taylor specialises in helping and advising small business owners with all aspects of their marketing, both online and offline, to ensure they achieve the rapid growth they're looking for...