The DIY Rapid Growth Marketing Plan

"this is the Exact Blueprint I use to generate rapid growth for my clients' businesses..."

This Product is Currently Being Updated to Include All My Latest Marketing Tactics - Due For Launch in January 2017

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If you're struggling to grow your business or turn a decent profit, then this Blueprint is just what you've been looking for...

I'm a firm believer in keeping things simple and that includes marketing.  That's why I've put together this DIY Marketing Blueprint for small business owners like yourself.  It contains lots of simple, easy to follow tactics & strategies that are quick and inexpensive to implement; literally anyone can follow it and start seeing the benefits within days.

But don't just take my word for it, take a look below at what Tim has to say about the Blueprint...   

In just days you be seeing the growth in your business that Tim and my other clients are seeing in their businesses.  This blueprint will grow any business in any market.  Whether you're a new start-up, established business or self employed, I guarantee if you implement the tactics inside you'll make more money; if you don't I'll refund your money no questions asked at any time during the next 365 days...  so what have you got to lose?

If you really want more leads; more customers; more sales and bigger profits and you can't afford a Consultant right now to help you, then my DIY Blueprint is the answer you've been looking for because you start achieving results at a price that suits you...

"you'll be amazed by how many of the value adding tactics I suggest you aren't doing today"

You don't need a big budget or marketing experience to make this Blueprint work for your business; many of the tactics won't cost you a penny to implement!  I focus a lot of time on the importance of systems and processes to allow you to scale your business to your targeted size.  Very few small businesses rely on systems and that is why they fail to grow.  I want you to do the marketing essentials every day, not just when you happen to remember!  

Here's what you'll learn and receive when you buy your copy of the Blueprint:

  • The 6 critical steps to successful marketing
  • The Hidden Profits Formula
  • Why there are only 5 ways to grow your profits
  • My personal 'Rapid Growth Model'
  • My formula for achieving BIG goals
  • The only place to position your business in your market
  • An amazing method for generating endless new ideas
  • New marketing channels your competition won't try
  • Simple systems to quickly boost your profits every day
  • How I got one of my clients 4500 new leads in just 3 months
  • My template for creating standout lead generating ads
  • Easy to use checklists & templates 
  • Tips & techniques to turn your web site in to a lead generation machine

My Blueprint comes in 6 downloadable modules that have over 200 pages of valuable advice and simple tactics.  Each module gives you step-by-step instructions and templates to follow.  I've included a Quick Start Workbook to make it easy for you to translate the content in to a prioritised plan of actionable steps personalised to your business.   

Here's a look at what you'll be getting in each of the 6 modules:

Module 1:  Marketing Introduction

diy marketing plan


Course Overview

Marketing for Maximum Success:  

How to position your business for maximum long term profits

Your Mindset:

How to change your current thinking to achieve much bigger profits

Creating Your Killer Marketing Plan:

Develop your own killer marketing plan in just 5 simple steps

Your Rapid Growth Model:

This section is worth the full asking price of course on its own!

Module 2:  Marketing Essentials

small business marketing plan

Idea Generation:  

A simple technique that will help you generate an unlimited supply of new improvement ideas for your business

Tracking & Testing:  

How to make sure that your current and new marketing tactics are making you money

Advertising & Copywriting:  

How to write adverts and sales copy that will pull in new leads and convert then in to sales

Understanding Client Value:  

If you don't understand the true value of your clients you will never truly maximise your marketing returns

Module 3:  Marketing Channels

small business advertising

Multiple Marketing Channels:  

Understanding the importance of maximising the number of leads your business gets is critical to growth

This module takes you through 9 different marketing channels that you can exploit to grow your business.  Each channel is explained in detail so that you can implement it for your business easily and quickly to generate new leads

Did you know that 95% of small businesses rely on only one or two marketing channels?  And they wonder why they don't make a lot of money!

Module 4:  Online Marketing

diy marketing

Website Design:  

The essential elements your site must contain to maximise the sales and leads it generates for you

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):  

There is absolutely no point in having a web site if nobody ever visits it; I'll show you how to get your business visible on the first pages of Google  and the other leading search engines

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC):  

Learn how to set up your PPC campaigns to generate targeted leads for your web site in Google & Facebook

Module 5:  The Sales Process

marketing course


Discover why 90% of small businesses are literally leaving cash on the table every day

Lead Capture:  

Learn why every small business needs systems in place to capture lead information and why it is a missed opportunity for most businesses

The Sales Process:  

Learn how to convert more of your leads in to paying customers and put systems in place to get them spending more with you over and over again

Risk & Your Business:  

Learn how to create a competitive advantage for your business by removing risk from the minds of your prospects

Module 6:  After the Till Rings

After the Till Rings:  

This is the point for most businesses at which the sales process ends, which is precisely why they fail to make a lot of money.  When the till rings the really successful businesses start making the big profits; this your chance to find out why and how...

The Most Powerful Marketing Tactic Revealed:  

Commonly accepted as the most powerful marketing tactic on the planet by marketing experts around the world, yet under used by virtually all small businesses... you'll have to buy the blueprint to learn exactly what it is and why you're probably failing to exploit it!

Your Quick Start Guide

small business marketing workbook

Create Your Own Marketing Plan:  

Arguably the most valuable part of the Blueprint because it gets you to take action using what you've learnt! Knowledge is worthless if you don't use it. This document contains a series of questions and templates that literally walk you step by step through the process of developing a marketing plan that will transform your business... taking the key concepts from the modules in a logical sequence, in a short space of time you can identify new goals for your business and the strategies and tactics that will get you your results in the shortest possible time ...

Bonus Module:  The Numbers That Matter

accounting for small business

As a qualified management accountant I understand the numbers that matter in any business.  In the bonus module I will share with you simple concepts that will change the way you make business decisions.  Forget about balance sheets and profit and loss; instead you want to be concerned with relevant costs, contribution and cash flow.  This is a simple, plain English guide to small business decision making...

Bonus Module:  The Entrepreneur's Mindset

entrepreneur mindset

Discover the 10 Golden Traits for Success you need to develop and gain an understanding of why businesses fail whilst others flourish in any market.

Discover what your mind is actually capable of and learn how to harness that capability to plan your route to massive wealth.

You get all 6 Modules, the Workbook and 2 Bonuses for a price that's much lower than you'll find anywhere else on the web!  Plus in your Member's area you'll find a Workbook that will help you generate up to 400 new ideas for your business, plus forms and templates to help you systemise your business.  But it doesn't stop there ... I'll also be adding short training videos and you'll automatically future updates to the Blueprint as they're released... 


Richard, This stuff is absolute gold dust! Your plan is specific,  and filled with precise, achievable, and very inexpensive steps that I can take here and now to bring in more customers, improve my website’s rankings, and start earning me more money. I know this is going to make a huge difference, and I can’t wait to start turning things around. I can't thank you enough!

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