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Promotional Video Service

Promotional Videos for Small Business Owners

Find More Leads and Sell Them More with Videos

Watch the video above to learn more...

Promotional videos are great for engaging your visitors and then converting them in to buyers.  The good news is they're not expensive either.

A good sales video will: 

  • Engage Your Visitors
  • Build Trust
  • Communicate Your Sales Message

Did you know visitors to your site are 64% more likely to go on and pick up the phone and call you or click on your buy button if they've just watched a video promoting your service or product?

Plus with around 70% of visitors coming to local sites using Smartphones and Tablets, videos are the perfect medium for getting your sales message across on smaller screens, much more effective than written text.

However the benefits of videos don't end there...

  • Video Engagement helps your rankings
  • Links from video sites help your rankings
  • Video sites can bring your targeted leads
  • Videos are hugely popular on  social media

Here are some Video Examples that I've Produced for Other Business Owners...

Product Sales Video

Logo Intro Example

Promotional Video Example

Service Sales Video

Whiteboard Video Example

Social Outro Example

Educational Video

Animated Video Example

Animated Video Example

Here are some Logo Examples that You Could Use to Brand Your Business...










Social Outro Video Examples

Contact Details

Social Media

Social Accounts

Lots more logo intros and social outros are available, this is just a selection.

How about a Cover Video for Your Facebook Business Page?

Make your Facebook Business Page really stand out without a Video Cover instead of an image.  A video cover instantly grabs attention and gets your visitor interested in your page, engagement levels will increase significantly as a result.  Take a look at my Facebook page for an example...

Ready to Give Your Sales a Boost?

Take a look below and choose the Video Package that will help your business the most ... 

Logo Intro & Social Outro

Brand your business videos with a smart Logo Intro and Social Outro

  • check
    Logo Intro video
  • check
    Social Outro video
  • check
    Easily Brand all of your Videos

Buy Now for Just £97

Promotional Video

Boost your Sales with a Professional Video that includes an Intro and Outro

  • check
    60 - 90 seconds Sales Video
  • check
    Logo Intro & Social Outro
  • check
    Boost Sales & Engagement

Buy Now for Just £297

Facebook Cover Video

Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out and Engage Your Audience

  • check
    60 seconds Cover Video
  • check
    Sized for Your Facebook Cover
  • check
    Logo Intro included

Buy Now for Just £197

Special Bundle Offer

Get Your Video Marketing Campaign off to a flying start with this Bundle Offer...

  • check
    Logo Intro Video and Social Outro Video
  • check
    3 Promotional Videos (promote your services, products, client testimonials or special offers)
  • check
    Facebook Cover Video

Buy Now for Just £799   (regular price £1,088 - save £289)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Choose a Logo Intro?

I will produce 3 alternative designs suitable for your business for you to choose from.  If you are not happy with them I will produce up to 3 more.  However I have yet to have a client not choose from the initial designs.  If you have seen one in any of the videos on this page that you like then please let me know.

What Social Sites are included in the Outro?

Either Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, or all three.  I will give you several alternative designs to choose from, all I need you to to is supply details of your business's social accounts.

What Format does my Logo have to be in?

Preferably PNG or Jpeg.  Send me your original logo files and I should be able to work with them.

How do you supply my finished videos?

I will upload your MP4 videos to your YouTube or Vimeo account.

What can I do with my Logo Intro & Social Outro?

If you have existing video clips related to your business you can easily use free video editing software to add your intro and outro videos to the beginning and end of those clips to give them a professional, consistent branding.  If you need more information on free software let me know.  Good uses would be for clips of you providing your services, educational clips or client testimonial videos.

What if I don't have a Logo?

I can get one designed for you, the cost will be between £50 - £100.  Please email me if you need a logo designed.

What content can I include in my Promo Video?

I can include your images or your own video clips.  It can include animation or whiteboard scenes similar to those above.  The text I use will be written to sell your service or promote your offer.  You can also include a client testimonial.  I will ensure that everything knits together to provide you with a professional video, including several revisions.