Small Business Marketing Made Easy...

Simple, Affordable Tactics Proven to Grow Any Business

Don’t let anyone tell you that marketing is difficult; it isn’t! (It doesn’t have to be expensive either!)

Literally there are only 4 ways to grow your business:

1.   Generate more leads

2.   Convert more leads in to paying customers

3.   Increase the average spend of your customers

4.   Get your customers to spend with you more often

The big problem for small business owners like yourself though, is you don’t have the time (or the inclination) to market your business, because you’re so involved in delivering your service day in day out.

Too Busy Working to Market Your Business Properly?

So, how do you grow your business (or just make more money doing what you’re doing today) whilst working in the business full time?

Here's what I recommend you do... grab a FREE copy of my 3 Step Transformation Plan and use it to transform your business...

The 3 Step Business Transformation Plan

Marketing your business doesn't get any easier than this!

1.   Build just 2 very simple tactics in to your daily service

2.   Set aside just 10 minutes a day to market your business

3.   Invest just £5 - £10 a day to promote your business 

The free template & video cover simple things you can do in just 10 minutes a day to generate more leads; convert them to customers; increase their spend and get them spending with you more often.  You'll see bigger profits in under 30 days... 

Simply DOWNLOAD this FREE STEP-BY-STEP TEMPLATE & SHORT TRAINING VIDEO and begin your transformation today!​

The Complete DIY Marketing Blueprint

If you're really serious about growing your business in the coming months, then my DIY Rapid Growth Marketing Plan is just what you're looking for ... it's a comprehensive blueprint that covers every aspect of small business marketing and focuses on practical, affordable tactics that deliver fast results...

The blueprint is split into 6 separate modules.  Each module covers a specific area of my proprietary Rapid Growth Model; the model can be applied to any business to maximise results.

As well as the 6 Modules, you also get 2 Workbooks to help you get the most from the training.  The Getting Started workbook ensures you apply what you learn to your business in a structured approach to accelerate your results.

The second workbook will help you to generate 400 new ideas for improving every aspect of your current marketing.  400 new ideas sound impossible?  Not with this workbook in front of you, I guarantee you'll amaze yourself!  Imagine the difference 400 new ideas could make to your business...

LEARN MORE about the Blueprint here...

Personalised Plans & Consultancy

​I currently charge £40 per hour or £250 per full day for consultancy and the preparation of personalised marketing plans .  To reduce the consultancy time you have to pay for, I highly recommend you purchase my DIY Marketing Blueprint in advance and go through the contents to identify precisely where you want me to help ...

Alternatively a Profit Share Partnership agreement may be a better route for longer term clients, whereby the additional profits I help you to generate are shared to an agreed percentage for an agreed period of time...​

Call me now on 01452 234169 to discuss your requirements ...​