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Small Business Marketing Consultant

Consultancy and Coaching Services

  • Consultancy & Joint Ventures
  • Bespoke Rapid Growth Marketing Plans
  • Product & Service Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Coaching & Training Courses

I offer the following Marketing services to Small Business Owners throughout the UK who are looking to achieve both real growth and real results...  

Take a look below to see which service or services are a match for your business needs...  

Consultancy & Joint Ventures

Two heads are usually better than one, and this is particularly  true in business.  If you really want to grow your business but don't have a lot of management or marketing experience, then having someone to advise you in those areas makes a lot of sense. 

If you try to do it yourself, then more often than not, you do the same things you see your competition doing; this is exactly why there are so many small businesses getting similar average results?  Think about it ... if most small businesses struggle to achieve small growth, why on earth would you copy them?  Surely it makes sense to do things differently, doesn't it?

When you seek help you give yourself an immediate advantage.

Instantly you get exposure to new ideas.

For example I help my clients to position their businesses to generate maximum value and earn bigger profits.  Changing your value proposition can bring instant rewards.  When you get these elements of your marketing right then not only do you convert more leads in to customers, but you get them paying more for your service and more often.

I'll also show you how to set up your business for sustained growth in the future; depending on your goals and aspirations, the structure of your business and the processes you adopt are very important to your success, but nearly always overlooked.

I'll help you with fine tuning your advertising for more predictable returns, enhance you online presence and transform your idea generation, and at the same time I'll teach you how to do all of these things for yourself in the future ...

How we work together is up to you ... you can employ me as a consultant or we can work out a joint venture agreement whereby we share the increase in your profits ... which ever suits you.

When we work on a percentage basis, it becomes more than a client based relationship, it becomes a joint venture. I work continuously with you advising and helping with the marketing and promotion of your business. When we partner in this way, you can clearly expect to see significant growth in your sales and your profits.

Bespoke Rapid Growth Marketing Plans

If you want to 'do it yourself' at your own pace then why not let me write you a bespoke marketing plan for you to implement and achieve rapid growth for your business ... where needed I'll help you to implement that simple, affordable tactics that I suggest.

I'll literally produce a bespoke plan for your business to achieve the growth your looking for, at the pace you want to grow and at a price you that meets your budget.

Watch this video to see how effective my plans are...

Product & Service Positioning

If you need help to position your product or service to sell more of them at higher prices, then this is something I'm happy to help you with.

Together we can look at how we can break down what you do or sell in to specific benefits that can be repackaged to create an experience that people will pay much more for.

Very few business owners ever do this and that's why it's such an effective way of achieving a real competitive advantage over your competition, to make serious money you need to sell yourself differently to the way everyone else does otherwise you'll always be competing on price which is not the way to make money!

Copywriting Service that Sells

Great copy that sells goes hand in hand with product positioning and your value proposition.  How you sell yourself, your business and your products and services has a huge impact on your sales conversions and your profits.

Given how important copy is, it's hard to believe how few small businesses give any thought to it.  Ads and web pages are typically boring and say all the same things.  How often do you see a small business ad that's really been written with the goal of achieving a sale?

Coaching & Training Courses

If you'd like to educate yourself so that you can specialise in the marketing of your business and let others do the day to day activities, or you just want to learn how to grow your business yourself, then my coaching and training courses are just what you're looking for ...

On my Coaching Site, I've got a range of courses on offer, starting with free courses to get you started and then my premium courses that run from 6 - 12 weeks that are designed to show how to achieve business transformation and literally take your results to another level.

The right course for you will depend on what your personal goals are.

If you're interested in learning more, take a look at richardtaylorcoaching.com now... 

So now you've seen what I can offer your business, you need to consider what you're really looking for and match those goals to the services above ... 

Why not give me a call, drop me an email or complete this Enquiry Form if you have any specific questions or want to get a quote for one of my services?