Why Small Business Owners Not Using Video Marketing Are Missing A Trick!

(If you’re a doubter, I guarantee that this article will change your views on the effectiveness of video in your small business marketing strategy)

Do you use videos to promote your business?

If you’re not then you’re definitely missing a trick and losing out on sales!

Videos can be used for a number of purposes:

· Product or Service Promotion

· Communication of Customer Reviews

· Advertise Special Offers

· Brand Awareness

· Social Engagement

· Customer Care

Videos can be used to build your expert authority and develop trust between you and your prospects, leading to more orders and sales.

Not convinced videos can work for your small business?

Take a look at some of these facts and stats below…

In a recent report by Firebrand,   84.9% of marketers surveyed claimed to be achieving positive returns on their video marketing activities; or in other words they were making money from their videos!

I don’t know about you, but if as many as 84.9% are making money, then I want to join them!

That number doesn’t surprise me because videos are brilliant for engaging people. A video will get your message across much faster than words on a page ever can.

As technology makes us all lazier and lazier, virtually all of us would rather watch a video than have to go to the effort of actually reading a page of text! It may be sad, but it’s unfortunately true.

That’s why the number of videos uploaded and watched on the internet is growing all the time, we all love the medium of video.

Here’s another crazy fact…

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, by the end of 2018, the amount of online consumer traffic generated from video views will account for around 80% of all online consumer traffic.

Now that’s a huge number! Whilst I struggle to get my head around its accuracy, I know without a shadow of a doubt that more and more people are watching videos as part of their buying decisions.

As a business owner, you’d be MAD to ignore this video trend!

Here’s another persuasive fact as to the power of video as a marketing tool provided by SmallBizTrendz:

After watching a product or service video, 64% of people are likely to buy the product.

Well if you were doubtful about the influence of video at that start of this article, then you should be thinking differently by now?

This fact tells you one thing…

You MUST use video to promote your products and services.

As an absolute minimum you must have a video on your homepage, ideally right at the top of your page where every visitor will watch it!

At the risk of being boring, here’s another fact that you must take action on…

A video on your landing page will increase your sales conversions by up to 80 percent!

Now your landing page will be the page where most of your visitors come to from the search engines, social media sites or you adverts. So it can be your homepage, a product page or a special offer page.

The important point is that using a video in your online sales process will dramatically increase the number of people that either click on your buy button or pick up their phone to call you.

In order to maximise the number of times your phone rings or till opens, you need to promote the right content for your target audience in your homepage video, and ensure that it contains the essential sales conversion elements needed to make your lead takes immediate action.

Every business has a different audience.

Depending on the price, availability and complexity of your service or product, the needs of your target audience will be different. For example, some businesses will have potential clients who shop based on price alone, whilst others will shop around for the best performing product or highest quality service they can find.

For these reasons how you match your video contents to your audience’s needs is absolutely critical to how successful you are at increasing your conversion rate.

To guarantee you get it right, grab the FREE GUIDE below that I’ve put together to help you identify the type of video your business needs. I’ve also included tips for how you can promote your video for maximum returns on your investment.

How To Make More Sales Using Videos

small business video marketing strategy

Inside You'll Learn How to...

  • Correctly target your video content
  • Design videos that make money
  • Promote your videos for more leads

Here’s another reason why you should start using videos in your marketing strategy today…

As I write this in 2016, very few small business owners are using video properly! This makes video an even bigger opportunity for you and your business right now.  Here’s why…

Let’s imagine that a visitor arrives at your site looking to book the service you offer. They have already visited a couple of your competitor’s sites. Neither of those sites utilised video.

However the first thing they see on your homepage is a professional video promoting the benefits of your service. Immediately you have a competitive advantage over your rivals. A professionally produced video gives you and your business an instant professional image.

Who do you think your visitor will choose to do business with?

Today you have the opportunity to use video to stand out from the crowd and make you more money.

If you’re concerned that a professional video is going to expensive then don’t be. You can get videos produced from only a couple of hundred pounds upwards. At that kind of price it should pay for itself very quickly providing it’s targeted to your specific audience as we’ve discussed.

If you’re also worried about appearing in front of the camera, then you don’t need to be. There are a number of alternatives. Whilst appearing in your own videos can build trust and authority, it’s not essential.

Instead you can use photos in a slideshow, animated characters are effective or you can opt for a whiteboard effect. To see some examples of what’s possible, take a look at these videos, or watch the video below...

So we’ve discussed the value of using video to improve your lead conversions, now we need to look at how you can use video to actually increase the number of leads you find.

Most of us associate video marketing with YouTube, and why wouldn’t we? After all it’s the biggest video hosting site on the planet.

Yet what I’m about to show you strongly suggests that YouTube is not the best place to spend your time promoting your videos.

In the report by Firebrand that I mentioned earlier, their survey reveals that a massive 80.2% of marketers said that promoting their videos on Facebook produced the best returns, whereas only 9.9% claimed to get better results with YouTube.

How can this be?

Well personally I’m not too surprised because of the really detailed targeting that Facebook allows you to do when promoting your videos.

Couple the targeting benefits with the amount of shares that Facebook generates and the survey results start to make perfect sense.

Did you know that on social sites like Facebook, videos receive 12 times as many shares as images and text posts do?

And guess what, the more targeted your audience, the more likely they’ll be to share your videos so you get that compound effect.

You see with YouTube, unless your uploaded video ranks on the first page of Google’s results for your main keyword, it’s unlikely that your local business video will attract many views.

Advertising on YouTube is an option, but promoting your video on Facebook is easier and usually cheaper to do, and as I’ve already said, their targeting allows you to be laser focused.

Simply upload your video then add a title that will attract attention and some descriptive text to the post. Facebook will then ask you to promote it for as little as £5. You can select from multiple options as to who you want to target you ads at. It’s these targeting options that really give you the opportunity to generate lots of new leads with your promoted video.

For more ​information on using videos to make more sales, and in particular to learn more about how to promote your videos to generate more leads, grab this FREE GUIDE below...

How To Make More Sales Using Videos

small business video marketing strategy

Inside You'll Learn How to...

  • Correctly target your video content
  • Design videos that make money
  • Promote your videos for more leads

Ok, just a couple more facts to bore you with…

If you’re still sitting on the fence as to whether video marketing will work for you, did you know that according to 70% of marketers, videos produce significantly higher conversions than other content, which isn’t surprising as 80% of consumers would much rather watch a video about your service or product than have to read about it!

Surely now you can see that videos have to have a place in any serious business owner’s marketing strategy!

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