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Small Business Marketing Services

The Small Business Marketing Specialist - "I've made it my business to grow yours"

Learn how my services could benefit you ... (click play below)


I love helping small business owners to grow their businesses with my simple, affordable ideas, products and services ... hopefully you'll be my next Elite Client...



Simple, Affordable Tactics Proven to Grow Any Business

There are only 4 ways to grow your business.

You can exploit all 4 with affordable, simple tactics that any business can start using every day.

If you want to grow your profits quickly, let me share my rapid growth model with you...



SEO & PPC Expertise  that Drives Fast Results

80% of new local business leads come from Online!

Transform your business with Top Search Engine Listings using my proven SEO skills.

For even quicker results, try my Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) expertise and see sales in 24 hours...



Videos Increase Sales, Drive Visitors & Boost Rankings

Promo videos are great for getting your message over.

They pull in visitors from YouTube & Google.

Videos keep visitors on your site for longer, so help your rankings!  You don't even have to appear in them yourself!



Your Web Site Must Be Designed to Generate Sales

Your web site should be focused on selling your product or service, not your branding.

Yet most web designers are focused on how good your site looks, not on it's real purpose.

For affordable designs that make you money ...


The 3 Step Business Transformation  Plan

Invest just 10 minutes every day for 30 days and watch your sales explode!

free small business marketing plan

FREE 3 Step Template & Training Video

  • How to find more leads every day
  • How to turn more leads in to clients
  • How to get more value from every client

Marketing doesn't have to be expensive!

​There's lots of simple, inexpensive ways to find new customers, both online and offline that are ignored or not used by 95% of businesses.  These are the marketing tactics I teach.

I'll show you easy to implement, affordable ideas that you can quickly adopt in to your daily routine that will quickly grow your sales and profits...

Do it Yourself Marketing...

If you're looking for new marketing ideas to implement yourself, then take a look at my DIY Rapid Growth Marketing Blueprint .

It's the actual, complete resource that I use to develop Marketing Plans for my Elite Clients.

It will deliver rapid growth in all aspects of your business.  

All you have to do is follow the Getting Started workbook and implement the 6 modules at a pace that suits you ... and you have the peace of mind that it comes with a full 365 day money back guarantee ... that's how confident I am that it will provide you with the results you're looking for!

small business marketing plan

Before we start working together...

​Before you spend a penny on my products or services scroll down below and take a look at some of my Free Guides; they'll give you a feel for how I work and you can then decide with some assurance whether or not my products and services are right for you ... all of my products and services come with full money back guarantees and are priced to be affordable to even the smallest budgets! 



How to Drive More Sales Using Videos

3 Costly Adwords Mistakes Most Owners are Making

The Small Business Homepage Checklist

So who am I and why can I help you?

Most of my career has been spent in Manufacturing as a Director for a US Company.  I managed the operation successfully for way too many years, growing it from just a small team to over $100 million in annual sales.

During those years, I qualified as an Accountant, got myself a Master’s Degree in Business and got lots of experience in managing change.  I also hold a much sought after Bronze qualification in Continuous Improvement.

But my real passion is Marketing.

My interest in small business started some 20 years ago when I bought a restaurant with a friend. Learning about marketing became a necessity. The restaurant did well and I doubled my money with that first venture in to entrepreneurship.

I started online marketing around 15 years ago. I’ve spent thousands since then on marketing courses, both online and offline. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learnt from some of the top marketers in the world.

In recent years I’ve helped lots of small businesses with their online marketing, I’ve built web sites, ranked them in the search engines, run advertising campaigns and designed their marketing materials. I’ve produced business plans that have transformed the businesses of friends and clients.

So when you meet me, don’t expect a typical consultant,  I’m just a normal guy who happens to know a thing or two about business. I genuinely get a buzz from helping people.

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What my happy clients have to say ...

Richard, This stuff is absolute gold dust! Your plan is specific, individually tailored to me and my business, and filled with precise, achievable, and very inexpensive steps that I can take here and now to bring in more customers, improve my website’s rankings, and start earning me more money. I know this is going to make a huge difference, and I can’t wait to start turning things around. I can't thank you enough!                                


Shane Young Owner
Tim Cooper Managing Director

Finally after 22 years in business I've found someone to help me that I can trust...  he's got our web site to the first page of Google and doubled our online bookings!  His DIY Rapid Growth Marketing Plan is full of great advice, we've implement about 20% of it so far and our turnover is up almost 100% ... I can't recommend his services highly enough!  Keep up the great work Richard


I met Richard a while ago through the school our children attend. I was chatting to him over a coffee one day when the subject of my business came up.                               

Within hours he'd designed me a web site and  written me a marketing plan!  Within a few weeks the site was on page one of Google and I was suddenly receiving more orders than I could have dreamt of!

The best bit is, thanks to his advice I put my prices up by 50% from what I was selling them for on Ebay, so not only am I selling more huts, I'm making a lot more from them! I'm even getting orders from abroad!  I seriously cant thank Richard enough!


Theo Jordan Owner