Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) Campaign Management

Quickly Find Targeted New Leads For Your Business and Follow Them Around The Web With Your Sales Message and Offers!

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If you're looking for a quick increase in new targeted leads for your business then Paid Advertising could be an option for you, however it's not for everyone! It's easy to burn a big hole in your advertising budget with PPC advertising platforms such as those offered by Facebook and Google without seeing any return.  

However, if you get it right, PPC advertising can transform your business very quickly!  But before we move to my services I want to share with you the reasons why you might need a service like mine... 

Here are some common mistakes that are made by small business advertisers:

  • Too broad an audience
  • Leads sent to homepage 
  • No lead capture in place

Too Broad an Audience - the most common mistake is to chase as many 'clicks'as possible with your advertising instead of chasing buyers.

You are advertising for people who have a real need for your service, not for people who have a passing interest.  Buyer are for cash, passing visitors are for vanity!

Homepage - nearly all small businesses send visitors from their advertising to their homepage, this is a mistake.  Large companies do this to build their brand awareness, but as a small business you can't afford to do this, you need to be making money from your ads.

You need to be using 'Direct Response' marketing not 'Brand Awareness'.  What does this mean?  Well in simple terms your ads should focus on one specific offer and ask the lead to take a specific action in order to take advantage of the offer.  That action should be to visit a specific page (known as a landing page) on your web site that is focused on selling the offer with no other distractions.

No Lead Capture - the vast majority of the people who visit your site from your advert will leave without taking action.  You literally pay for their clicks and receive nothing in return.

Your 'landing page' should make every attempt to capture their email address so that you can follow up on their interest with more information about your offer or future offers.  At the very least, you should have Google and Facebook's pixels (tracking code) embedded in the code for your pages, so that you can show them your offer again as they surf the web or spend time on their Facebook timeline.

How Can I Help You with Your PPC Advertising?

Offer Creation

  • Craft your irresistible offer
  • Create your high converting landing page 
  • Help you install tracking codes on all of your pages

Google Adwords

  • Keyword selection to target buyers
  • Writing Ads that attract your ideal leads 
  • Campaign management & refinement
  • Retargeting Ads to increase your conversions

Facebook Advertising

  • Create & build your targeted Audiences
  • Writing Ads that attract your ideal leads 
  • Campaign management & refinement
  • Retargeting Ads to increase your conversions

Email Marketing

  • Add email capture forms to your Landing Pages
  • Write a series of automated follow up emails 

The secret to successful PPC advertising is to start small and then scale your campaigns once you know what keywords, audiences and ad combinations are earning you a profit on your advertising.  In the beginning trying to identify your perfect audience can be like finding a needle in a haystack, that's why it's best to start small and then scale. 

NOTE:  You don't need to use all of my listed services above, I'll tailor an advertising campaign to your suit your service & products, and to your initial budget.

But if you do put a landing page specific to your offer in place, add an email follow up sequence and use Pixels to build and audience from your visitors, then you have a much greater chance of building successful advertising campaigns that you can run on autopilot to grow your business long term.

Plus you can also funnel your offline advertising leads in to the same landing page to increase your returns on all of your advertising spend.

So How Do You Get Started...

Before I can give you a quote for setting up and managing your campaigns, I need to know more about your business, services and products...

I'll tailor a bespoke quote to your needs.

You can either give me a call on 07743 230043 or fill in the Enquiry Form here and I'll get back to you ASAP with a campaign plan and quote...