How to Collect 5 Star Reviews for Your Small Business

How many 5 Star reviews has you business got on Google?

Do you ever ask your clients to leave you a review?

Do you realise that positive Google reviews can:

  • Higher Rankings
  • More Leads
  • More Sales

The more reviews you can collect for your business the more trust you'll build with potential customers and with the search engines.

Google reviews help you to climb the local Maps listings and obtain a place in the coveted 3 Pack, the top 3 positions in the free listings that attract the most clicks (particularly when you have a 5 Star Rating!)

Strong Reviews lead to more clicks to your web site, they literally pre-sell your product or service to your lead which results in much higher conversions.  The more 5 star ratings you get for your business the more sales you'll make.

Every business owner should aim to collect reviews from as many of their clients as possible.

Why do you think larger companies use services like Trust Pilot to collect reviews from all of their clients?

Because reviews add tremendous value to a business!

Think about it for a moment...

When you're looking for somewhere new to eat do you take a look on Trip Advisor?

When you're looking to buy something on Amazon do you read customer reviews before hitting the buy button?

We all do... online reviews now play a really important role in our buying decisions, we trust them to remove the risk from our actions.

Take a look at these Survey Results from  Bright Local...

68% of your clients are happy to take the time to leave you a review online, yet very few small business owners ever ask for one!   I'm guessing you don't recognise their importance.

More importantly according to the survey, one in two of your potential customers want to see at least a 4 star rating before they'll consider parting with their cash.

The other problem is that most of your customers probably don't really know how to leave a Google review.

That's why the new service from Elite Clients can be a game changer for your business.

Our new Client Review Collection service shows your clients how to leave you a review with one click links that are so simple and quick to use.   You can literally start to collect reviews from 68% of your clients in the next 24 hours on virtual autopilot ... literally spend no more than 5 to 10 minutes a day implementing the service and watch the reviews flood in...

We design you a Client Review Request Form that is personalised to your business and contains simple links and codes that can be clicked, copied or scanned to take your client directly to your Google review page.  You simply print out forms and give them to every client.

Then you follow up with a sequence of automated Customer Service follow up emails that remind the client to leave a review on either Google or your Facebook page... 

Using the Request Form in combination with the Email Sequence will deliver you an avalanche of new reviews in a very short space of time and help you to blow your competition out of the water...

Better still the service comes with a free 30 day trial!

Watch the video above to learn more and then click on Client Review Collection to see more detail on how the system works and how you can get started collecting reviews in the next 24 hours...  

If you're looking for an inexpensive and easy to implement strategy to grow your business then this is the service for you ... starting building a high quality, trusted reputation than will propel you to the top of your local market with our new service, sign up for the risk free 30 day trial today...

About the Author

Richard Taylor specialises in helping and advising small business owners with all aspects of their marketing, both online and offline, to ensure they achieve the rapid growth they're looking for...