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Web Designer Gloucester | Cheltenham – Small Business Web Design Service

Would You Like a Web Site that Literally Brings You New Clients Every Day Leaving You Free to Run Your Business?

Web Design Specifically for Small Business Owners...

Think about the following question for a moment...

When you need a product or service today what do you do?

You might ask a friend or take a look in your local news publication.

However, most of us just pick up our smartphone or tablet and Google our requirement.  Or more and more, we might use Facebook to find nearby businesses or post a 'recommendation request'.

"80% of Local Business Leads are Driven Online"

Even if you ask a friend these days, they'll likely tell us a name and say "if you Google them you'll find their number"!

It's not hard to see why 80% of local business leads are driven from online sources such as Google, Facebook, You Tube and well known directory sites.  The internet is our go to solution when we need literally anything from medical advice to new partners!

But here's a really important point...

Leads that come from offline sources such as local magazine ads or client referrals are highly likely to look you up online before they contact you.  I know I do and I'm guessing you do to.  Why?  Because we want to see more reviews, examples of your work and get reassurance that our money will be well spent.

You see your customers aren't buying a boiler repair, cleaner carpets or a house extension.  They're looking to buy a hassle free experience at a fair price that results in a solution to their need.

"You're Selling an Experience and Results NOT a Service"

This is really important to understand, because when you focus on selling what your potential clients are looking for you'll enjoy a lot more success.  Nailing down what you are selling is crucial to achieving more sales from your web site, so its literally the first thing we'll do together when you order your new web site from me.

Now, when I need a service I look online for other people's experiences.  I check our Google and Facebook reviews, and visit the business's web site to read their testimonials, or if I'm looking for a product I'll check the ratings on Amazon or for a restaurant I'll look on Trip Advisor.  It's what most of us do these days.

"You Have to Provide Proof to Back-up Your Claims"

So how powerful would it be for your business to have a ton of great reviews displayed on your web pages automatically updating from both Facebook and Google as they are added?  All the reviews any customer needs in one place ... your web site!   And what if you had an automated way to collect them from every client?

Your business would stand out from the competition very quickly would it not?

Well when you buy your new web site from me, that's exactly what you'll get.

"60-70% of Your Visitors will be Using a Smartphone or Tablet"

Do you realise that 60-70% of visitors to your web site are using smartphones or tablets?

Is your current web site formatted for those smaller screens?  Many aren't and provide poor visitor experiences leading to them clicking away before they've even looked at your content.

Every web site I build is optimised for smartphone users so that they're highly likely to contact you with an order!

When you add search engine optimisation and video to the 3 elements already mentioned above, then you are guaranteed to have a web site that will generate more enquiries, calls and orders than those of your competition.

"64% of visitors that are shown a sales video will go on to place an order"

Search engine optimisation ensures your new site will attract plenty of targeted visitors who are looking for your services, whilst a promotional video will engage your visitor and build trust.  Did you know that on average 64% of visitors that are shown a sales video will go on to place an order.  Video has a massive impact on buying decisions.

All of my sites are conversion focused with automated reviews and video engagement; mobile friendly and search engine optimised.

People searching locally online for what you're offering, are ready to spend money. Your site needs to make it easy for them to choose to spend it with you.  That's what my sites are designed to do. 

All Sites come with:

  • NEW!!  Facebook Messenger Chatbox  (learn more below)
  • Sales copy written to generate sales
  • Mobile friendly - including click-to-call number
  • Google & Facebook reviews - updated automatically
  • check-square-o
    Review requests emailed to every new client
  • check-square-o
    Search engine friendly design to attract visitors
  • check-square-o
    60 second promo video (worth £297)
  • check-square-o
    Google Analytics code tracking your site's performance
  • check-square-o
    Facebook & Google pixels installed to build ad audiences
  • check-square-o
    Google Map embedded in your pages
  • check-square-o
    Easy to post Blog to communicate your news & offers


Now with every Elite Web Design you get a Messenger Chat Box included ... click the button below to learn more...

When you check it out above you might just find a special discount code 🙂

web design service Gloucesterand Cheltenham
Gloucester web designer

Remember your web site is an investment in your future; just like a shop or factory, it's purpose is to generate sales.  

Invest well and your profits will grow for many years to come.

web design service Gloucester

It's time to give your business an unfair advantage...

Elite Business Site

  • check
    ​​​Homepage + 2 Service/Product Pages
  • check
    ​​​​Testimonials, About, Contact, T&Cs Pages
  • check
    ​​​​Blog Page

​​​​Site includes all of the features listed in the section above.

Additional pages £125 each can be purchased after checkout.

Only £1,500

Elite Business Site Pro

  • check
    All of the Elite Business Site Pages
  • check
    Lead Magnet and Autoresponder Sequence
  • check
    Lead Capture Page

The Pro package provides you with the ability to capture email addresses and send an automated follow up email sequence of 8 written for you emails that will boost your conversions...

Only £2,250

Elite Ecommerce Site

If you require a Secure Shopping Site with SSL Certification to sell your products from, please use the Enquire Now button below to tell me about your requirements, and I will provide you with a no obligation quote.

Elite Bookings Site

If you require an Online Booking System then please use the Enquire Now button below to tell me about your requirements, and I will provide you with a no obligation quote based on the complexity of the software to be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Design Process Take?

I aim to turn around the Elite and Elite Pro sites in 2 - 4 weeks from the time when I have received your images, testimonials and specific content requirements (dependant on work load)

What Software do you use?

I use WordPress.  One of the benefits of using WordPress is that it user friendly to allow Owners to update their content with minimal training, and the blog posting in particular is simple to do.

What about Hosting?

I recommend 2 Hosting services that are optimised for fast hosting of WordPress sites.  You are free to choose your own service though.

What are Lead Magnets and Lead Capture Pages?

A lead magnet is something you give away to visitors in exchange for their contact details.  You can then follow up with a sequence of automated emails to try and capture the sale.  A lead magnet could be a checklist, guide, video tutorial or voucher.  The lead capture page is the page where the visitor enters their details.

What do you require from me?

I will require your logo, images, client testimonials and specific content that you want on the site.  I will write all of the copy for you.  When you complete your purchase you will be taken to some simple forms that you'll need to complete to help me set up the automated Review feature, Analytics and Pixels.

Is your payment system secure?

I use a third party checkout cart that is secure (thrivecart.com), and your payments are securely processed via Paypal or Stripe.  I do not hold or have access to your payment details.

What if I'm not happy with your design?

If you're not happy with the design I will change it in line with your requirements.  In the unlikely event that I cannot meet your requirements I would refund you 100%.  Ultimately like yours, my business is built on ensuring all of my clients are 100% happy. 

Web Design Service Gloucester

I'm a web designer based in Gloucester providing web designs to small business owners that are designed to bring in lots of new leads to your business, using the conversion elements mentioned above.  If you're based in Gloucestershire or anywhere in the UK and you need more customers, then give us a try today...

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