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What Out Clients Say…

What my clients have to say ...

Theo JordanOwner - www.cowleyshepherdshuts.co.uk

​I met Richard a while ago through the school our children attend. I was chatting to him over a coffee one day when the subject of my business came up. Within hours he'd designed me a web site and written me a marketing plan! Within a few weeks the site was on page one of Google and I was suddenly receiving more orders than I could have dreamt of! The best bit is, thanks to his advice I put my prices up by 50% from what I was selling them for on Ebay, so not only am I selling more huts, I'm making a lot more from them! I'm even getting orders from abroad! I seriously cant thank Richard enough!

Graham Twistwww.GrahamTwistDrums.co.uk

​"Richard was recommended to me by a close friend and it turns out to be one of the best bits of advice I've ever had! Until he worked his magic my website was languishing on pages 5 or 6 of Google (and no-one looks at those!!) but now thanks to his amazing work it sits right at the top of page 1! As a result the amount of enquiries about my drum lessons has gone through the roof, the phone just hasn't stopped ringing and the emails just keep on coming too. If you want a truly affordable shot in the arm for your business then look no further- thoroughly recommended"

Tim CooperManaging Director - www.totalcleaningsolutions.net

Finally after 22 years in business I've found someone to help me that I can trust... he's got our web site to the first page of Google and doubled our online bookings! His DIY Rapid Growth Marketing Plan is full of great advice, we've implement about 20% of it so far and our turnover is up almost 100% ... I can't recommend his services highly enough! Keep up the great work Richard

Shane Youngwww.shaneyoungweddings.co.uk

Richard, This stuff is absolute gold dust! Your plan is specific, individually tailored to me and my business, and filled with precise, achievable, and very inexpensive steps that I can take here and now to bring in more customers, improve my website’s rankings, and start earning me more money. I know this is going to make a huge difference, and I can’t wait to start turning things around. I can't thank you enough!

Rich CookOwner - A&E Carpet Cleaning - Cheltenham

​It was by chance that I came across Richard. I was actually cleaning carpets at his house when I mentioned to his wife that I was struggling to find new business. She recommended that I speak with her husband , so I did. It was the best thing I ever did. Within weeks of meeting him, my phone started ringing daily with enquiries for my services. Then I got a call from a local college and they offered me a contract to clean their 300 rooms! In a very short space of time I went from being on the verge of giving my business up, to having to invest in new equipment in order to keep up with the enquiries I'm getting! I can't believe the difference he's made, seriously, he's transformed my business fortunes.  I'd recommend Richard to anyone, you'd be crazy not to use his knowledge to grow your business!

Jason WarrenChief Instructor - Kiryokukai Karate - Cheltenham

I asked Richard to build me a website for my Karate club. I showed him my club posters and club logo’s of the design I wanted, along with some photos and details of the club. The whole process was straight forward and very quick. Richard was down to earth and didn’t make it over complicated. When the website went live, the results were amazing; he did everything I asked plus more. The website looks great, very professional and easy to use, and after 2 weeks the website has hit 1st on Google's search engine! Very highly recommended!